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1. Lacee You Don't Need It
2.Pokey Here Come Pokey
3. CoCo Wade Call It What You Want
4. Nellie Tiger Travis Featuring Black Zack I Came To Party
5. David Brinston Lucky
6. Nelson Curry Drinks On Me
7.Jesi Terrell Knock It Out The Box
8.Gary Shelton Featuring Sidy Boy P. You Got That Walk
9.Carlin Taylor Keep It 100
10.Redd Velvet You Got To Leave


1. Kenny Neal Don't Cost Nothing
2. Diunna Greenleaf Damned If I Do
3..Adrena Recipe For The Blues
4. Trudy Lynn Golden Girl Blues
5. Freddie B.Child Support Blues
6.KingFish That's What You Do
7. JT Watkins Blues In A Bottle
8. Columbus Toy Hobo Man
9. Larry D Mr Harmonica Man
10. Altered Five Band Holding On With Both Hands


1.Kenny Neal Don't Cost Nothing
2. Zac Harmon Love For You Baby
3. Omar Cunningham Country Girl
4. Sharnette Hyter If A Man Don't Work
5. Rhomey Welcome To The Rhomey Party
6. Larry Milton I Want A Sidepiece Too
7. Stevie J Blues Move Forward
8. Angel Faye Russell Fool's Paradise
9. X Man Parker Crown
10. Mose Stovall Shot House


1. Willie Clayton You Got What I Want
2. Bird Williams Get Away
3. Lenny Williams Featuring Shirley Jones Can't Nobody
4. B.Streezy Intervention
5. Cupid (feat. Shirley Murdock) 2 Step on My Haters
6. Avail Hollywood Be Careful
7. JR Blue Throwback
8. Tina P Featuring Cupid Good
9. Demi Lowrell Flash Back
10. J Craig Let's Make Love



1. TK Soul Dukes and Boots

2. Mr.Sipp Trail Ride

3. Bruce Wayne Band " Bend Over " Featuring " Veronica Ra'ellle"

4. Choppa Law Featuring Jeter Jones Steppin

5. Lamorris Williams I'm From The Country

6. CJ Soul Country Boy Slide

7. Big Mucci Trailriders Shuffle Feat.Rico C

8. Buddy LUV Choo Choo

9. Till 1 Kau-Ute

10.Sean Ardoin That Ain't Right


1. Tucka Jukebox Lover
2. Lady Song Bird Jinda"VIBE"
3. Mitchell Coleman Jr. "Glide"
4. Pokey Featuring JWonn Afterparty
5. Jo Us Band I Like
6. We're Gonna Groove Tonight by Ben Ether
7. Rob Willis Tonight
8. J Red Liquor House Vibing
9. Big Mucci Trailriders Shuffle Feat.Ric
10. Ms. Yanni and Lebrado Featuring Bruce Billups Come Git It