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Black Music Month: A Timeline of the People
By Sarah Lane
Jun 1, 2004, 06:22 PST

Black Music Month Timeline of the People


The number of actual contributors to the African-American Music Movement is immeasurable, and the impact of these artists has been astounding.  Travel through time from Gospel to Rap and expose yourself to the sights, sounds, and flavors of African-American music in this timeline of the people.


Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, Underground & Rap



Thomas Andrew Dorsey

Born in 1899.  Died in 1993.

As the son of a revivalist preacher, its only natural he was called the Father of Gospel Music. 

Source:      Carl Vinson Institute of Government                            



Louis Armstrong

Born in 1901.  Died in 1971.

Nicknamed the Founding Father of Jazz, this man was responsible for introducing a uniquely American art form.

Source:      Louis Armstrong House and Archives


Ella Fitzgerald

Born in 1917.  Died in 1996.

The Great American jazz-pop diva has quite a devoted following which encourages the unexposed to take part in her great music, songs, and singing.

Source:      GAS Audio Edition


Miles Dewey Davis

Born in 1926.  Died in 1991.

Although many people remember him as an accomplished trumpet player, he was also an innovative bandleader and brilliant composer.

Source:      Miles Davis Properties, LLC



Mamie Smith

Born in 1883.  Died in 1946.

Dancer, singer, star of the stage and screen, this lady sure earned her title as Queen of the Blues.

Source:      Blues Online


Robert Johnson

Born in 1911.  Died in 1938.

Fluid guitar playing combined with expressive lyrics made this man the subject of intense literary examination even today.

Source:      University of Virginia  

Rock & Roll


Marvin Gaye 

Born in 1939.  Died in 1984.

Exuding a duality of sacred vs. profane, the life and music of this Top Ten artist lives on.

Source:      Simon Marvin


Aretha Franklin

Born in 1942.

With the ability to meld boundaries between gospel, jazz, and rock, the Queen of Soul is an icon of contemporary pop music.

Source:      The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


Stevie Wonder

Born in 1950.

After selling more than 70 million records, this American phenomenon is an icon for all aspiring singers, songwriters, musicians, and producers.

Source:      The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts



Naughty By Nature

Entered the scene in 1991.

In a genre notorious for short-lived careers, these international superstars would be an exception.

Source:      The Official Website, Naughty By Nature


The Fugees

Entered the scene in 1993.

With a mission to Bring musicality back to the ghetto, this group paved the way for other acoustic and melodic vocalists and musicians to enter the world of hip-hop.

Source:      Sony Music

Pop, Soul, Underground, Rap


P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family

An extraordinary example of how to break down barricades which continue to segregate music, Sean Combs helped give birth to a new and different form of music.

Source:      Bad Boy Records