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Sir Charles Jones


“The Love of music is the most important reason for being a performer,” states the talented Sir Charles Jones. Born in Akron Ohio, yet raised in Birmingham, Alabama where is actual singing career begun.
This self taught writer, arranger, producer and engineer has embraced a genuine passion for music, ranging from jazz to fusion; Gospel to blues. Sir Charles Jones is the epitome of a recording artist / performer; but is this music really known as “Blues?”
Now releasing his Fourth album entitled “Never Miss A Good Thang” on the independent label Jumpin Records (Atlanta based) Charles admits to having more fun making this latest CD than others; “I’ve become more versatile in my style of writing and it makes me proud to know that my music appeals to all types of audiences young and old, when you attend one of my performances you might see a 19 year old sitting next to an 80 year old… People of all ages love Sir Charles Jones.”
 With his versatile style and wide range of vocal ability; with just a touch of smooth rhythm melodic melodies, and the cry of love, pain, happiness, fun-times, and the sincerity of commitment; Sir Charles Jones proves why he is crowned “The King of Southern Soul.”
Winning countless awards; American Blues Network: International Entertainer of the year for 4 straight years in a row 2001-2004; 2-time recipient for Album of the year (2002-2003); and 2-time recipient for the B.B King Achievement Award Recipient (2003-2004). 
Through various musical genres, male vocalists have empowered us with countless songs of Love, Romance, Commitment and betrayal from self proclaimed experiences or just mere understanding of life’s well learned lessons. Sir Charles Jones is well familiar with many trials and victories that life has to offer.  From the mere fatal accident that brought national attention, and many false releases of his own material bootlegged, to understanding the man whom really is behind his music. He then decided to make changes not only in his life but most important his career, prior to his accident he met the well known Business Manager Icon Mr. Joe Douglas, asking him to take charge of his career, to take him to the next level!  Sir Charles states…“I was so honored when he jumped at the opportunity and provided me with the confidence and commitment it took for me to drive harder and to fulfill my loyal fans with the best Sir Charles Jones has to offer which is my music…
Sir Charles continues… Joe Douglas provides intense energy managing Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, so why should I expect anything less, and he’s done just that for me; so I know for a fact that I’m headed in the right direction… 
If Sir Charles Jones could write a story towards hardships and/or providing directions on making a successful career, it would be the smash duet with singer/crooner Glenn Jones entitled “Call On Me” or how about building a fulfilled relationship “Thank you for holding on” is the ideal cry for Men who appreciates a woman’s sincerity featuring sultry vocalist LaTocha Scott (from X-Scape); or for all those who know the truth of love and its meaning “What A Good Feeling”  is a story all of us can experience.
Sir Charles Jones is the ideal candidate for men that understands the real meaning of love, commitment, and relationship. This album reflects growth, loyalty and sincerity for everyone to enjoy

If you haven’t heard…  Now you know!